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Are you a clinician who needs to increase your ability to work with "Resistant Clients"?  


I’m going to show you how you can lean into the "resistance" and align with the client for their healing.

I'm Ready to Increase My Tool Kit

Wouldn’t you love to know how to work with clients who seem to be shut down or overly emotional.

What would it be worth to you to have techniques and interventions to make your job easier and your clients sessions more productive?

You’ll discover how…to work with the uncomfortable emotions of the client and yourself.


After you implement this system, you will…


Have more productive sessions.


InStill more Hope


Have less BURNOUT



In less than 1 hour  you will...

  • Differentiate between client resistance, trauma reactivity and protective adaptation.
  • Identify treatment interventions that are counter-productive for individuals with developmental wounding and trauma and learn preferred interventions.
  • Identify how and why treatment providers Scapegoat their clients.
  • Be able to decrease reactivity of clients and the staff.
  • Have tools to manage clients who you find difficult to work with.

Now you can stop being frustrated and feel confident and competent. 



Tricia Youngs is truly the definition of an overcomer! She is considered an authority on trauma recovery and substance use disorder recovery.  She has personally overcome several forms of soul crushing abuse including sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse, spiritual abuse and alcoholism. 

As a recent survivor of throat cancer, she knows what it's like to be thrown a curve ball and how to face it head on to turn what looked like tragedy into triumph. After experiencing her own journey from pain to power, she left the corporate world and set forth on her mission to help others do the same.  Tricia has a unique blend of experience as a therapist & life coach as well as serving in management roles in corporate America.  She has worked in all levels of care in the mental health and substance abuse industry and is a gifted trainer and speaker.  

Her expertise is beneficial to everyone within an organization from the CEO to the entry level staff member. People find her easy to relate to and her style of interaction to be uplifting. She easily engages individuals and audiences, enabling them to know they matter while inspiring them to become their best self.   Tricia received her Master’s Degree in Human Relations from NYIT in 1998 and has served over 1000 individuals since that time. 

Drawing upon her deep faith, personal experience and expertise in human relations, Tricia helps bring light into darkness and turns troubles into triumph.  By following a system which has been developed over 25 years of experience, providing a safe place where people can learn and grow, she helps individuals to recover from life's challenges. Her extensive training and experience in the treatment of trauma, codependence, narcissistic abuse, substance use disorders, as well as other issues, helps her get to the root of the challenges faces by the individuals and organizations she serves. Her workshops, The Path to Healing and From Pain to Power have helped hundreds of individuals turn their troubles into triumph.

She has also produced and recorded a line of relaxation and affirmation recordings, utilized by her clients, to help with stress reduction, sleep disturbance and emotional regulation.


Think of Tricia as a change agent for your emotional baggage.






Here's what past clients are saying...

"I no longer feel stuck. I have the confidence to make the changes that I’ve been afraid of."


"I found the part of myself that I lost trying to keep everyone else happy."


"I can finally say no without feeling guilty!"



The regular price for this

 is well over $99.00


But when you sign up today it’s only $69.00...



Artichokes & Trauma:
What Do They Have in Common?


  • Spend 1 hour to learn what artichokes and trauma have in common.

  • Gain tools to work with challenging clients.

  • Increase your ability to InStill hope in those who are suffering. 

I'm Ready to Turn Troubles into Triumph to Help My Client and Myself

100%, No Risk Money Back Guarantee...




The program is backed by my 100%, no-risk money-back guarantee.

I want this to be a no-brainer for you.

SO the complete program is backed by our 365-day money back guarantee….


When you complete and use the tools in the  training, for one year
and if you can honestly say you didn’t get results that were helpful to you and your clients, 
I will give you 100% of your money back 1 year later.